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30-Day Posture Challenge

  • Funky Aardvark 61 Bridge Street Rows Chester England (map)

Take the‘Yoga by 18’ One Month Challenge and see how far you can go. Just pop along to the Tues 1 September’s evening class at the Funky Aardvark (6-7pm), for advice and guidance and choose one of the ‘30-day’ poses and have your photo snapped in the pose. Then everyday, for 30 days, repeat the pose, whenever you get chance, morning, noon or night! On the last class of the month (Tues 29 September) we’ll snap your photo again and see how far you’ve come. And for the camera shy, don’t worry, you don’t have to share your photo but do let us know if it's getting easier or harder for you. Or better still, you've mastered the pose down to a T!


Below are the six poses to choose from, ranging from easy to medium level. Pick a pose and try to build it into your daily routine, as best as you can. Maybe before you make your morning brew, after you've brushed your teeth or just before you go to bed. Try not to do it after a meal, as you should leave at least 2 hours before practising yoga. And, if you're really struggling for time, you can even do the chair pose whilst brushing your teeth! 

Remember, it's your body so just go as far as you and your body can go. If you have any injuries and are practising this online (i.e. not attending my classes) then please speak to your doctor or physio before attempting to do these poses. 

Modifications are available for all of these poses. 

Pose 1 - Chair pose 

Pose 2 - Downward-facing Dog 

Pose 3 - forward fold - touch the floor/toes

Pose 4 - Plank pose 

Pose 5 - leg lift/improve your balance and strength

Pose 6 - Seated forward-fold stretch 

This should say Paschimottanasana - I got carried away with the number of letters and missed a few off! 

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