1-2-1 yoga session with adjustments

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1-2-1 yoga session with adjustments

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Whether you're wanting to learn the basics or scrub up on your techniques, then a one-to-one session might be just what you need. 

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One-to-one Sessions

You can pick up a lot in one hour yoga class and even more so in a one-to-one. A dedicated one-to-one can give you the tools, knowledge, tips and pointers for developing yourself on, whether you're an intermediate or complete beginner. 

Reasons for a one-to-one session: 

  • Learning the tools to master a particular practice, like lotus or crow pose, etc. 
  • Correcting and perfecting your class practice - great for beginners
  • Practicing in the comfort of your own home
  • Mastering your Sun Salutations
  • Recovering from injury/illness
  • Developing a personal plan for home practice
  • Breathwork and meditation
  • Modifying your practice for pregnancy and post-natal
  • Taster session - introduction to yoga


Availability & Space

One-to-one yoga sessions can be booked during mornings, afternoons, evenings and also weekends on Mondays through to Sundays.  Times and dates vary each, so it's best to get in touch to arrange a suitable time and date. One-to-ones can take place in the comfort of your own home (providing you have space to put two mats down in a quiet space), or at a location convenient to you. Bishop Lloyd's Palace, Chester and Gladstone's Library can also be booked, providing the rooms are available. 


A one-to-one yoga session costs £60 for the hour. It's advisable to arrive 10-15 mins early and set aside 10 mins afterwards to cool down and rest. A saving of £50 can be made if you book 5 one-to-one classes as a block. These do not need to be taken all in a row, but they should be taken within 6 months of the purchase date. 

Strapped for cash, then buddy up and split the cost between the two of you. You'll still gain a lot of knowledge and the tools to develop you on, within classes and also in your own practice.