Yoga by 18 launched

Very excited to launch our new brand and website, Yoga by 18, today. It's been a long time coming but it's finally here! 

The website itself details upcoming classes and workshops, as well as news about posture tips and yummy recipes. 

A big thanks goes to Stewart and Bethany for creating the brand Eighteen and Yoga by 18. Bethany's illustrative hand is just stunning and you can see her incredible talent in everything she does. 

The shots

We traipsed up to the beautiful Moel Famau on Saturday afternoon to create these silhouette shots for the website and we're really pleased with them. The clouds were unbelievable and we later found out they were called lenticular clouds, a rare meteorological phenomenon, according to the Chronicle! We couldn't have asked for more. Well, less wind, maybe. I was hoping to do some tree poses but in 30mph winds I didn't stand a chance! Standing on two legs was bad enough!


So what's the new brand all about? 

Eighteen (inches) represents the  space between the head and the heart. The head that tells us what we should do and the heart that drives us towards what feels good, despite what our head is telling us. Balance is important, and never more so has this been true. We craved for so long to have a work/life balance but now are in need of just quiet time, for 'me time', to just stop and think about ....the space between. 

Yoga by 18, is a division of the brand Eighteen and alongside this, there will be another three divisions, including social, food and stitch. Stitch being a new clothing line but these are all still very much in development so watch this space for more info. 

We hope you like the new site and brand and we welcome any feedback you might have.