Happy New Year! A New Year, a New You!

It's time to dust off the cobwebs and grab your lycra and mat and come down to Tuesday's ashtanga class. 

Yoga is a great way to keep fit, sleep better, strengthen your muscles, develop your balance, relax and most importantly feel good, inside and out. 

Last year, we covered some of the basics, such as Sun Salutations, Warriors, forward bends and balancing poses. We'll see lots more of these as well as some new postures, which we'll introduce each week. 

Tuesday 6th January is our first class back for 2015 so see you then. 

Why Ashtanga? 

Ashtanga is often known as one of the hardest yoga practices because of it's fast pace and strength-demanding postures but that doesn't mean you have to be an expert to practice it. In fact, you don't have to have done any yoga before. 

I've always liked yoga and in particular Ashtanga. I believe that anyone can do it too. There is always a modification for every pose so you can start at the beginning and work your way towards the more difficult poses as you progress.