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Yoga by 18 is a division of the brand Eighteen.  

Eighteen (inches) represents the  space between the head and the heart. The head that tells us what we should do and the heart that drives us towards what feels good, despite what our head is telling us. Balance is important, and never more so has this been true. We craved for so long to have a work/life balance but now are in need of just quiet time, for 'me time', to just stop and think about ....the space between. 


About Emma 

Emma is passionate about yoga and the many benefits it can bring people. She believes that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can take something away from yoga for themselves.

Yoga isn't all about flexibility, it's actually more about building your strength and, with strength comes a stronger core. A stronger core means less pressure and tension in your lower back which so many of us suffer from. It's also about posture and alignment. How many of us spend more than 8 hours a day at our desks?  Yoga opens us up and let's us feel good about ourselves. 

Having tried lots of different exercise classes, yoga was the only class that left me feeling good two days later and not just for the hour after the class.
— Emma, aged 15

All styles of yoga are great but Emma's classes tend to focus on postures from the Ashtanga series which develop strength, as well as flexibility. Traditionally, the series is strict but Emma keeps to a set core of poses to improve upon each week and slowly introduces new poses each week for people to explore. 

Emma was 6 months pregnant when she qualified as a Yoga Teacher and found the experience invaluable in learning about the modifications that are needed to achieve each and every pose of the Ashtanga Primary Series. This only further  credited her belief that yoga really is for everyone....   

Emma qualified as a Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow in India, with Sampoorna Yoga in 2013. 

Nothing makes me happier than to be able to help people learn, develop and improve themselves each week.
— Emma, Yogi


Emma Garland, Co-founder of EIGHTEEN and Yoga by 18  
RYS 200 Teacher , Yoga Alliance